OS X's Dock Done Better

Love it or hate it, the Dock is the most striking feature about OS Xis Aqua interface. However, if you are among those that hate it, Pocket Software may be able to help you out. PocketDock 2.0 is an application launcher/storage system, and provides a more separated and organized scheme than Appleis Dock. According to Pocket Software:

Pocket Software is pleased to announce the released of a beta version of PocketDock 2.0 for Apple Computeris MacOS X Public Beta. PocketDock is utility to organize and launch applications, documents and web links. PocketDock 2.0 beta1 expires on 2/15/2001.

Does the Dock feel a little crowded? Do you have too many apps, documents, web links? Do you miss the Launcher? If you answer yes to any of these questions, then Pocket Dock was created just for you.

PocketDock 2.0 is officially a beta product and is available for free. Pricing has not yet been set for the final version. You can find more information at the Pocket Software web site.