OWC Adds 400GB Drive to Mercury Elite Line

Other World Computing (OWC) has added a number of new FireWire drives to its Mercury Elite family.

The 400 gigabyte is priced at US$539.99 for a FireWire 400+USB 2.0 combo version. The FireWire 800/400 version will retail for $559.99, and a FireWire 800/400+USB 2.0 version costs $579.99.

All the 400GB Mercury Elite drives feature 7200RPM speeds, and a 8megabyte data buffer. Data transfer rates range from 60MB per second (MBps) for the FireWire 800 model to more than 40MBps for the FireWire/USB combo solutions.

Price reductions have also been announced on all of OWCs 80 to 250 gigabyte external drives by up to 20% with prices starting at $140.