OWC Announces Superdrive Upgrades for All Macs

Other World Computing (OWC) announced the availability of Superdrive upgrades for all Macintosh computers on Thursday, including Mac Pro, PowerBook G4 Titanium 15", 12/15/17" Aluminum, iBook G4, PowerMac G3/ G4/G5, iMac G4 and eMac.

OWCis announcment stated: "Whether upgrading from a read-only drive, replacing an older Superdrive, or for additional optical drives, OWCis options are priced right and plug ni play easy to install. OWC offers the newest, fastest, and quietest SuperDrive technology from Pioneer, including 16X DL SuperDrive DVR 111D to read and write DVDs, CDs, and Dual-Layer DVDs with an up to 8.5GB capacity per DVD Dual Layer disc at speeds of 8X; Up to 4.7GB capacity per DVD at 16X; and CDs of up to 700MB at 40X."

OWC also offers professional installation services for internal installations. Prices vary depending on whether the devices are user installable, the Superdrive model selected and start as low as US$29.95. More details are available at OWCis SuperDrive page.