OWC Drops Neptune Drive Prices, Adds 400GB 7200RPM model

Other World Computing (OWC) on Monday announced reduced pricing on its line of Neptune FireWire 400 hard drives, dropping prices by as much as eight percent. In addition, the company added a 400GB 7200RPM model (US$299.99) that includes an 8MB data buffer.

OWCis Neptune drives are 1.5 x 9 x 5.5 inches and ship with a FireWire cable, Intech HD SpeedTools and EMC/Dantz Retrospect Backup software. They start with an 80GB model that spins at 7200RPM and includes a 2MB data buffer for $104.99. The other drives feature the same RPM but include an 8MB data buffer -- they come in 160GB ($139.99), 200GB ($164.99), 250GB ($179.99) and 320GB ($219.99) capacities.