OWC Drops Prices on PowerBook G4 SuperDrives

Other World Computing (OWC) on Tuesday dropped the prices of its PowerBook G4 SuperDrive upgrades by as much as US$30.

The company sells two versions: one that works with 12-, 15- and 17-inch Aluminum PowerBook G4s and 15-inch Titanium PowerBook G4s that run at 667, 800, and 867MHz and 1GHz (was US$179.95; now $149.95); and one that works with the 400, 500, 550 and 667MHz versions of the Titanium PowerBook G4 (was $249.95; now $229.95). OWC offers a $75 rebate to users who exchange their existing drives when they purchase an upgrade.

Both SuperDrive upgrades comes with NTI DragonBurn, EMC/Dantz Retrospect and 10 pieces of 8X DVD-R media. The drives burn CD-R/RW discs at 24X speed and DVD+/-R/RW media at 8X speed. OWC also offers SuperDrive upgrades for various desktop Macs.