OWC Intros Mac mini Upgrades With 72-Hour Turnaround

Other World Computing (OWC) now offers three Mac mini upgrade options -- 1GB of RAM, faster hard drives with more storage and an 8X SuperDrive that burns Dual Layer discs -- with a 72-hour turnaround time. Appleis budget-priced computer is popular, but the company didnit make it easy for users to perform do-it-yourself upgrades to its skimpy specs.

Pricing starts at US$99, which includes overnight shipping via FedEx both ways and a packing box. Customers can have OWC perform any or all of the upgrades. Upping the RAM to a 1GB module costs $129 while the better SuperDrive is $149.95. The hard drives are available in 5400RPM and 7200RPM speeds with 60GB to 100GB of storage; pricing starts at $119.

Customers can get the original components when the computer is shipped back or opt to receive trade-in credit for them. OWC also offers the option to place the old hard drive in one of its Mercury cases for use as an external drive. The company features QuickTime installation videos on its Web site for Mac mini owners who are brave enough to attempt the upgrades themselves. Apple says that any work done on a Mac mini by a non-authorized technician will void the computeris warranty.