Observer Notes New Apple Commercial (Updated: It's A New CompUSA Commercial Featuring Macs)

[Update: We heard back from Apple, and the new commercial is not theirs. Itis actually a new CompUSA commercial, part of a new series of commercials from that retailer designed to show that shopping in CompUSA is easy.]

Forum member and TMO Mac Specialist "Photodan" reports having seen a new Apple commercial on TV. In a post titled "FINALLY! Apple figures out advertising!," Photodan says that it is a location shot in a CompUSA with Gregory Hines:

Literally seconds ago, I was watching News Radio on A&E and I just saw the most different Apple ad ever. It was an Apple/CompUSA ad starring Gregory Hines. Not only did it show that you can edit video on a PowerBook, but it told you where to go to buy one!

BRAVO! (Itis about time.)

We havenit seen the new commercial ourselves, and Apple has not yet returned our calls, so we canit confirm a new advertising campaign.