Observers Report Receiving Jaguar Shipping Information

We have heard from several Observers who say they have received shipping information on their Jaguar pre-orders. Jaguar is set to officially ship on August 24th, which is this Saturday. Looking at the messages that customers have been receiving, it would seem that Apple may be shipping the first orders out as early as Wednesday, August 21st. The message received:

Thank you for your pre-order for Jaguar, Mac OS X v10.2!

We know you are anxious to receive Appleis latest Mac OS X version 10.2 that contains over 150 new features and provides significant enhancements to its modern, UNIX-based foundation.

We are preparing your order for shipment in order to meet your selected shipment method. Although you may have received an invoice for a shipping charge, your Mac OS X.2 order will not ship until Wednesday or Thursday. You will be receiving an invoice via email [sic] within the next 2-3 days that will provide your tracking shipment numbers. These tracking numbers will become active Wednesday, August 21st or Thursday, August 22nd. Beginning on Wednesday or Thursday you will be able to track your shipment to itis destination. We look forward to delivering Mac OS X.2 to you by Saturday, August 24th.

Thank you for shopping at the Apple Store!

Thanks to those who wrote in with information on this.