Odigo Brings Messaging Client To The Mac

Odigo has announced that after a somewhat lengthy alpha period, their Odigo Messenger client is now available for the Macintosh. Version 1.2, featuring compatibility with ICQ, marks the first Odigo program for the Mac OS, and brings Mac users up to speed with another instant messaging protocol. According to Odigo:

Odigo, Inc. announced today that it has released Macintosh version 1.2 of its Odigo Messenger, the groundbreaking instant communication and commerce platform.

Todayis release of Odigo Mac Version 1.2 represents the culmination of 8 weeks of testing of the Odigo Mac Alpha Version - and includes the addition of interoperability with ICQ. This messenger is Odigois first Macintosh-compatible offering.

"Developing the Odigo Messenger for the Mac platform is another step in our commitment to provide the most functional and interoperable instant communication tools for our users, and our partneris users, across all systems and platforms," stated Avner Ronen, Odigo VP of Strategic Development. "We are in the process of developing web-based and wireless functionality - in addition to new and enhanced user-features - and will take each of these technologies to our licensed partners."

The Mac Version of the Odigo Messenger provides users a variety of unique features packed into a sleek and intuitive user interface. Features include instant messaging - interoperable with ICQ, messaging alerts, buddy lists, visibility filters and community identifiers. The Mac Odigo also provides users a real-time website popularity directory and the ability to view and communicate with other Odigo users surfing the same sites. Users of the Mac Odigo can communicate with all of the over one million worldwide Odigo users.

Odigo Messenger is available for free. You can find more information at the Odigo web site.