Official Caracho Client Beta Relased

Carracho Communications has released the first official beta of their Carracho Client. The Carracho program allows users to connect with other Carracho users to chat, ftp with resumable downloads, and find news information from within one simple program. According to Carracho Communications:

Finally, after nearly 2 years of development, testing and bug-fixing, Carracho is proud to announce the official Beta 1 of itis highly successful product "Carracho Client".

The simple, yet elegant Carracho Client enables users to connect to any Carracho Server and use services provided by these servers, such as:

  • Chat: Chat with someone on the other side of the World
  • News: Discuss ideas and interesting topics on moderated and non-moderated discussion forums
  • File Download: Download documents, pictures, music, videos and even applications.
  • And best of all: Do all of this without switching between different applications. All features you know from IRC, FTP and Usenet programs like multi-threaded news, real-time conferences, moderated chat rooms, drag-n-drop file upload/download etc. are integrated into one, single application.

Additionally Carracho Client allows you to resume downloads, send private personal messages and access all functions needed by server administrators from a single window. Carrachois easy-to-use interface will make you to a power user within minutes.

The Carracho Client is available for free. You can find more information at the Carracho Communications Web site.