Old Jewel Releases Beta Version Of Painter's Picker 2.0

Old Jewel Software has released a beta version of Painteris Picker 2.0. Painteris Picker is a utility designed to expand OS Xis standard color picking panel. The update features Web safe color spaces and new color schemes. According to Old Jewel Software:

Old Jewel Software today announced beta 1 of Painteris Picker 2.0. Painteris Picker 2.0 will greatly enhance the usefulness and usability of Old Jewel Softwareis most popular product, and beta 1 offers users a glimpse of whatis to come.

Painteris Picker is an extension to the color picker panel in Mac OS X. It adds the ability to choose related colors, such as complementary colors, analogous colors, etc. directly within the color picker. It also adds more precise controls for choosing saturation, hue angle, and brightness, and provides the ability to choose colors in the CMYK color space while using the popular HSB-style controls.

New Features:

  • New Color Schemes
  • Web Safe Color Space

You can find more information about the Painteris Picker beta release at the Old Jewel Software Web site. Painteris Picker is available for US$13.85.