Old Jewel Software Releases Bullseye 1.4.1

Old Jewel Software announced Monday the release of Bullseye version 1.4.1, its hot button application file launcher.

Version 1.4 adds hierarchical menus when a control-click on a folderis icon, adds multi-button mouse support, much faster drawing, the ability to run applescripts by clicking on them in the Bullseye, adding of items by dragging them onto the Bullseye, moving of items by simply dragging them, and many more.

In the time since Bullseye 1.4 was released, a quick maintenance update, 1.4.1 has been released to deal with a possible incompatibility with some macs running Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger.

A single user license of Bullseye retails for US$8.95 and requires Mac OS X 10.2, 10.3 or 10.4.