Oliver Kicks In The Santa Balls

Blockdot has released a new version of Santa Balls for Mac gamers. Santa Balls is a holiday themed game designed to alleviate boredom and malaise. The latest version features two new elf based games with the jolly elf Oliver. According to Blockdot:

Kewlbox.com follows up their #1 holiday internet game - Santa Balls with 2 new Elf inspired internet games that millions have played over the last few weeks.

World renown for creating the Christmas games Elf Bowling and Santa Balls, Kewlbox founders Dan Ferguson and Mike Bielinski have delivered another Internet holiday gift that is hitting email inboxes like last years Viagra jokes.

Each game stars their punchy elf, Oliver, who does his best to smart mouth his way into delivering some holiday cheer. Santa Balls 2, the sequel to last years #1 Internet holiday game, has all ready been played 6 million times since it was released last month.

Players slide, push and bust shiny ornaments or "Santa Balls" according to Oliver the Elf. Do well and get a hoot and a holler from Oliver. Make a wrong move and he lets out a heckle that will make you blush or giggle.

The second holiday game offered up by these Christmas pranksters is called, Spank the Frank. It involves the sharp witted Elf and his pet penguin named Frank. Spank Frank safely into floating baskets for points. The game is fun, but steer clear of the bad baskets which quickly turn Frank into penguin pate.

You can find more information about latest Santa Balls releases at the Kewlbox Web site. The games are available as freeware.