Olympus, FujiFilm Take xD-Picture Card to 1GB

Olympus and FujiFilm have bumped their proprietary xD-Picture Card to 1GB. FujiFilm made the announcement Monday, with the arrival of the 1GB xD-Picture Card Type M, while Olympus announced its 1GB xD-Picture Card Tuesday, alongside a portable USB reader/write for xD Media.

At 1GB, the xD-Picture Card can approximately hold more than 1,300, 600 and 400 images at 3-, 6- and 12-megapixels, respectively. Pricing for the penny-sized flash memory card will be announced when the product ships in April.

Olympusi MAUSB-300 Portable xD-Picture Card is a miniature reader that allows xD-Picture Card users to use the flash media as they typically would a USB flash memory device. It will ship in March for $19.99.

At press time, neither Olympus nor FujiFilm had updated their sites with information on the new products.

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