Omikron Basic Version 8.0 Ships From Berkan

Berkan Software has released a vew version of Omikron Basic, bringing it to version 8.0. Omikron Basic is a programming language designed for PowerMac. The latest release features OS X support and expanded DIM commands. According to Berkan Software:

The time is here, Omikron Basic v8 now runs as a native application under MacOS X.

Omikron Basic is a versatile and easy to learn programming language delivering the true BASIC look and feel even while running under modern operating systems.

New in Omikron Basic 8:

  • Omikron Basic 8 now runs as a native application under Mac OS X
  • The extension library was expanded with Mac OS X functions
  • The DIM command now functions also with pointer and address operators.

You can find more information about the latest Omikron Basic release at the Berkan Software Web site. Omikron Basic 8.0 is available starting at US$107.00.