OmniWeb 4.0 Final Now Available

After a myriad of previews and months of beta testing, The Omni Group has finally released OmniWeb 4.0. The final version of the product includes a host of improvements over earlier preview versions, including vastly improved launch time, enhanced CSS and JavaScript support, and ColorSync integration. For those OS X users that have not given OmniWeb a try yet, now is the time. According to The OmniGroup:

OmniWeb 4.0 is a full featured native web browser for Mac OS X, featuring:

  • a fully "Aquafied" user interface with a very cool look
  • the ONLY browser to support color profiled images (using ColorSync)
  • multithreaded architecture takes full advantage of symmetric multiprocessing (fancy talk meaning-- this is a fast browser)
  • slide out bookmark and history drawers
  • a bookmark feature that tells you when your favorite site has been updated
  • the first text searchable history
  • the best drag features of any browser on the market
  • lots of useful keyboard shortcuts to make life on the web easier
  • a fully configurable Aqua toolbar so you can make your browser look the way you want it to look
  • support for JavaScript, Flash 4, Layers, QuickTime, SSL, Cascading Style Sheets level 1, and in-progress support for Java applets.

Finally, a web browser that takes full advantage of everything Mac OS X was designed to be. As Mac OS X is the future of the Macintosh, OmniWeb 4.0 is the future of web browsing.

Our guiding principle here at Omni Group is that software should be fun and you should enjoy using it. We write our applications for you, the user. That is why we encourage you to try fully functional versions of our products for free. You shouldnit have to pay for software you donit find useful, and you shouldnit pay for it if you think it sucks.

We love to program. Thatis what we do. We are continuing to improve our products and we will continue to improve OmniWeb. Just as Apple is continuing to refine Mac OS X, we are working to refine OmniWeb (and while we donit yet have 100% compatibility with some JavaScript-intensive pages, we wonit rest until we do!). If you do like OmniWeb 4.0 and you like what weire doing here at Omni Group, we encourage you to support its development by purchasing an official license.

You may use OmniWeb for free, but are encouraged to license it (along with all of your other shareware, for that matter) for US$29.95. You can find more information at The Omni Groupis Web site.