OmniWeb 4.0 Release Candidate Available, Final Due This Week

The Omni Group has updated their popular OS X Web browser, OmniWeb, to version 4.0rc1. The version, a Release Candidate, includes a host of improvements including improved Flash and JavaScript support as well as full ColorSync support. The Mac Observer has also found the latest version to be significantly faster while also offering improved launch times. According to The Omni Group:

OmniWeb 4.0 release candidate 1 is finally ready! Since our last public release (a month ago) weive added ColorSync support, improved our Flash support and JavaScript compatibility, and made the application more stable and fast. Weive also added documentation and improved our bookmarks (itis now easy to import your IE bookmarks, and editing is more intuitive).

ColorSync support is something weire especially proud of -- we worked with Apple to ensure that we use ColorSync correctly all the way through the imaging pipe, so (unlike every other browser, according to Apple) we actually display final images completely accurately.

OmniWeb is available as shareware for US$29.95. You can find complete details about this release, and more information about the product, at The Omni Group Web site.