OmniWeb Receives OS X Beta Tune-Up

The Omni Group has released version 4b5 of their Cocoa based OS X web browser, OmniWeb. While still in beta format, OmniWeb is feature packed and rock-solid stable, taking full advantage of all the modern features of OS X. According to The Omni Group:

OmniWeb is designed to provide you with the best user experience youill find in a web browser. We think itis important to polish every user interaction to make sure that the browser acts the way you want it to ? so you can stop thinking about the application youire using and just get at the information you want, quickly.

Weive concentrated on things like making bookmarks extremely easy to use (we were the first browser to allow you to simply drag a page to and from your bookmarks) and having them automatically check themselves for new content. But our focus goes beyond the big features, to include little details like having keyboard shortcuts for finding forward and backward (and automatically wrapping around), shrink-to-fit window zooms ? and (of course!) a fully "Aquafied" user interface. (Our Aqua support is not just skin deep: we have slide-out bookmark and history "drawers", and not only do we use native Aqua interface elements for display on web pages, we even make the default submit button in a form throb just like it would if it were the default button on a native panel, so you know what will happen when you hit return.)

Of course, none of this matters unless OmniWeb is able to view the pages you want to see. Thatis why we include support for JavaScript, Flash, Layers, and SSL; and for the final release of OmniWeb 4 we plan to include full support for Cascading Style Sheets, and Java applets.

Pricing has not yet been announced for OmniWeb 4. You can find more information at the Omni Group web site.