On-line Business Management Tool Available

Colourfull Creations has released a new online business management tool, Auction Tender, for both Macintosh and Windows. Auction Tender is a full featured package that allows user to manage and existing online business, or get a new one up and running. Auction Tender handles accounts, e-mail, inventory, advertising, and a host of other business related chores. According to Colourfull Creations:

Colourfull Creations releases Auction Tender for Macintosh and Windows. Auction Tender is a customer-tracking tool with inventory management, email creation, ad creation, invoice creation, mailing label creation, and more. Keep customer addresses, customer billing information, tracking numbers, shipped dates, and payment tracking. Auction Tender has a built in Ad creation tool that builds ad for you. Auction Tender can be used for your Online Auction House business, your storefront business,your web site store, and more.

Auction Tender is a unique new idea for customer tracking, itis simple, easy to use, and convenient. With Auction Tenders built in features helping to keep track of inventory and customers, managing your business has become easier than before. The Ad Creation tool allows you to build stand-alone ads that are saved as html documents. This html can be used in anything that requires or uses html. The html can be used with Online Auction Houses, Web Sites, and more. Email creation is with the touch of a button with Auction Tender. Once you have information put in just hit a button and in email is generated for you. The Invoice creation allows you to print customer invoices in a matter of seconds. For your convenience Auction Tender also will print mailing labels allowing for a professional polished look to your packages. Keeping track of customer information is what Auction Tender does best. This comes in handy when you have repeat customers. Never ask customers for their information more than once. Auction Tender will keep track of shipping address, billing address, and more. Tracking packages that have shipped will be easy as well. See when you shipped a package, when you received a payment, and tracking numbers for packages. Auction Tender will revolutionize the way your do business by helping to organize your customers and inventory. Organizing your inventory and customers is key to running a successful business with fast product turnaround times. Fast product turnarounds breed customer satisfaction, repeat customers, and word of mouth customers. Essentially, Auction Tender will help your business grow.

Auction Tender is available for US$34.95. You can find more information at the Colourfull Creations web site.