OnDuty Network Admin Tool Released From LAG

LAG Multimedia has released a new client-server system for the Mac, OnDuty 1.0.2. OnDuty is a remote maintenance and file distributor designed for Macintosh networks. OnDuty is a non-intrusive administration tool that allows the remote software setup and installation of the network clients. According to LAG Multimedia:

LAG Multimedia releases OnDuty™ 1.0.2

OnDuty™ is a new client-server system for easy remote maintenance & file distribution of any number of Macintoshes on a network, done the Macintosh way.

OnDuty does not impose any restrictions on how users work on the client Macs, and is very non-intrusive. The administrator can easily and remotely set up which software to be installed on the clients, and can also specify a large number of rules for regularly cleaning the clients, for instance deleting or moving all installer-type files from certain places on the clients, deleting or moving all files resulting from interrupted web browser downloads, etc.

Add on the capability to remotely specify look & feel settings like the position of the Application Palette, the delay of spring loaded folders, the view type of folders etc., etc., and you have a powerful management system that the administrator can control from his or her office, or from anywhere in the world, for that matter.

You can find more information about the OnDuty release at the LAG Multimedia Web site. OnDuty 1.0.2 pricing starts at US$9.90 for up to 9 clients.