OnMyCommandCM Updated To 1.4 With Input Dialog

Abracode, Inc. has released an update for OnMyCommandCM, bringing it to version 1.4. OnMyCommandCM is a plug-in designed for contextual command line execution. The update features an input dialog and a version keyword for updates. According to Abracode:

OnMyCommandCM 1.4 is a new version of contextual menu command line instruction executor. UNIX command may take a clicked object path as a parameter so you may perform an action on file or folder. A command can be executed in Terminal.app or silently. But the best part is that users build their own commands, their own Contextual Menu Items.

What is new in version 1.4:

  • Input dialog. Special word __INPUT_TEXT__ in command description invokes a dialog where you can input text. Three input methods are currently supported: clear text, password text, popup menu choice
  • Added new keyword: VERSION for keeping track of incremental updates to commands
  • Online command collection contains now about 90 commands

You can find more information about the OnMyCommandCM update at the Contextual Menu Workshop Web site. OnMyCommandCM 1.4 is available as freeware.