On Heels of New London Apple Store, Expo Visitors Excited About Mac Future

LONDON -- The venue, the show floor and the companies are all about the same at this yearis Mac Expo in London.

But wait. Thereis a different atmosphere. Thereis a different feel to this show and it has to do with something that isnit even here. A something that lives about 30 minutes by subway from here.

The new Apple retail store in London is all the talk here and its creating a positive feeling among attendees even before it officially opens its door on Saturday to what is expected to be a throng of people who will begin lining up hours in advance.

"Iive come to this show for four years now," said Jeremy Moorehead of Brighton. "And Iive never felt more positive about the future of the Mac now with the opening of its flagship store. This canit help but have a positive impact on the use of the Mac in this country."

"Mac users are more community-oriented," said Alex Crawford. "I think this will grow the community and help everyone feel the Mac is more solid in this country. Iill be lined up at the store tomorrow morning with two others friends. Thatis how excited we are."

Expo attendees The Mac Observer spoke with were in the majority that the Apple store will bring a much-needed boost to the Mac that many feel has been waning in recent years.

"They are going to stock hundreds of third-party products," said Karen Rudd. "I hope that might squelch all this talk you hear from others that the Mac doesnit have enough software."

What many hope is that the number of Mac users will grow as a result of the new store, something Apple executives are hoping for as well.

"My goal is to bring four of my friends who are die hard Windows users to the new store and really show them the Mac is better," commented Dorothy Rogers. "If I can do that, then I think Iim doing my part of growing my community."

"I know it sounds crazy and my PC friends donit understand, but the Mac is a family," said John Torrins. "I feel the family here at this show and you hear them all talking about the Apple retail store. This is going to be a success and is going to benefit more than just Appleis bottom line."