One-click Access to System Preferences

System Preferences is an easy enough application to use; itis just a couple of mouse clicks away, and it only takes one more click to start fiddling with whatever settings you like. But thereis an easier way: CodeServantis PrefsMenu. This little gem adds a new icon to your menu bar that lists all of the prefPanes installed on your Mac. Select the one you want, and System Preferences launches to the prefPane you chose.

Select the prefPane you want to open from PrefsMenu.

Installing PrefsMenu is a snap: After you download PrefsMenu, look for the file called and double-click it. It will expand, giving you the PrefsMenu icon. Drag this someplace where you can find it, like your Applications folder. Double-clicking the icon launches PrefsMenu and adds it to your menu bar.

Some of the prefPane icons in PrefsMenu 1.2.4 may look generic for Tiger users. Itis only a minor cosmetic problem, and CodeServant is working on a fix. PrefsMenu is free, and available for download at the CodeServant Web site.