One Infinite Loop for MobileMe Support

Apple is known for a great set of technical support pages. However, with the recent glitches with the MobileMe rollout, itis understandable that there might also be some glitches in the support pages. Or perhaps Apple is just weary of all the feedback, and iWeb support pages take the customer seeking help on a merry-go-round, an infinite loop.

For example:

If a customer goes to the MobileMe support page and seeks support for iWeb the following sequence occurs.

  1. Click on "Sites and iWeb" near the middle of the page.
  2. Click on "Publishing to MobilMe from iWeb"
  3. Click on "Troubleshooting iWeb publishing Issues"

A window will appear with some troubleshooting tips. In one option, if the tips fail or arenit relevant, the customer is advised to click on "MobileMe Support." After selecting a language, the customer ends up right back at the home page for MobileMe support.

That kind of infinite loop can be just as frustrating as the original problem the customer is trying to solve.

Thanks to reader "Mike" for the heads up.