One Man's Love Of Macs And Lack Of Ladies In New Show

While some dismiss Apple products as a fad, destined to occupy merely a byline in some history book, there continue to be signs that indicate that Apple and its products are quickly becoming an American icon, not quite apple pie and blues jeans status, but it seems to be getting there.

Case and point is highlighted in a story from Leander Kahney of Wired News, who points readers to Scott Rose and his new one-man, one hour show titled Scottis Search for a Rose; about a Mac loveris quest to find true romance.

Why a Mac lover? Mr. Rose says, "My life was shaped early on -- very early on -- by my experiences on the computer," he said. "Pretty much everything I learned in my life came through Apple computers and my geek friends."

Why a show about a search for true romance? "Itis a true story about my life as a Mac geek who grew up more comfortable with computers than women," said Rose. "Itis a universal tale of searching for love and all the missed opportunities, mistakes and regrets.... Itis a fun show," says Mr. Rose.

Check out the full story, Geek Love, or Lack Thereof , at Wired News.