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We mentioned last week that Mac OS X 10.1 included most of the traditional Classic Mac OS screen shot capabilities that Mac users have long enjoyed. Observer Troy Bassett wrote to tell us about a screen shot keystroke that we didnit mention. From Troyis note:

I am very glad they brought back the screen shot keystrokes in X.1 as well—that was one of the things that I requested via the feedback link. I am also bummed that they left off the "bulls-eye" window capture you mentioned in your article.

FYI: There is another screen shot keystroke in X.1 you didnit mention:

Command+Control+Shift+4 will use the cross hairs to capture a screen image directly to the clip board ready to be pasted somewhere.

This is also a feature of Classic Mac OS. All of the screen shot commands can be accessed from within the Classic environment in OS X, but the Command+Control+Shift+4 command only makes your selection available to Classic apps. If you use this command to take a screen shot in OS X itself, it can be used by either Classic or OS X apps. One more note on this: if you use this command, you will hear a more muted click than you normally hear with a screen shot command.

Thanks to Observer Troy for the note! If you notice anything new in Mac OS X 10.1, let us know. You may also want to check out our list of other new features in the new OS.

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