One Year Ago Today, The TMO Community Turned Inward For Support & Information

Most of us probably remember where we were one year ago today as two jets were flown into the World Trade Center, and a third into the Pentagon in the North East United States. When the news arrived at The Mac Observer Towers, we were as shocked as anyone, but I took great heart in the way that our community showed that it was more than just a bunch of Mac fanatics. I made the decision to stop our normal Mac coverage, and instead began updates on what was going on in our forums. What made this even more remarkable to me is that I wasnit alone in doing so.

People at work without access to TV, people looking to talk to others, or simply hang out among friends, including virtual friends, and people who didnit know what was going on until they saw the news on our home page, all poured into our forums to post and read what news they could get. Many different people were watching different news stations, or able to pick up the occasional news item at locked up mainstream news Web sites, and we all chipped in to post what we could. For many days after that, I got e-mails from people thanking me, and the community as a whole, for making it possible to know what was going on.

We have always had a great community at TMO, but that day made me even more proud to be a part of that community. Everyone was helpful, everyone was concerned, and that concern, at least for a day or two, crossed just about every international border on the planet. You can still read that forum thread in the World News/Politics/Philosophy forum that grew out of that day.

I remember where I was on September 11, 2001. I was in my office, but I was also at home in the community that has been built by you and the other readers at TMO.

For that, I thank you.