Oni Nears GM Status

A bit of news regarding the upcoming Bungie game, Oni, as posted on the oni.bungie.org website. In essence, a Macintosh demo of Oni is in the works. Oni is almost complete, and on the verge of going GM (golden master status) and is waiting on the PS2 version before being shipped for reproduction. Great news for all those waiting patiently for this stellar title.

Bungie is a company well known for quality in game developement, with such hits as the Marathon series and the Myth franchise. The company has also garnered headlines with another megahit in developement called Halo. The company also recently made news a few months ago when Microsoft bought Bungie in order to secure Halo for the release of the X-Box, Microsoftis attempt at infiltrating the console games market. A flurry of protest hit the web as angry Mac and PC fans imagined Halo being sucked into the bottomless pit that is Microsoft, never to see the light of day, but concerns were quickly addressed as the official word was released confirming that Halo would still be coming to computers everywhere. **collective sigh**.

Here is the Official Word from Bungie.

Mattis Oni Report - December 1, 2000

Barring total catastrophe, this will be the last weekly Oni update. I canit come up with
enough interesting tidbits to make these updates worthwhile, and the Gathering
marketing machine is finally churning out Oni goodies, so these have kinda run their
course. If big news happens, Iill just post it to the forums.

- First, a clarification/request. Some of you have downloaded the b4 Mac build that
some sucker punk leaked to the net. Iill leave out the speech about why beta leaks
suck because most of you already know why. The build floating around out there is a
few weeks old and contains several bugs that have since been fixed. Donit mistake a
beta build for a final candidate. (The easiest way of doing that is to not download it in
the first place, which has the added benefit of keeping you on steady legal/ethical

- We thought Oni for Mac was ready to GM earlier this week, but at the last minute
we had to fix a little CarbonLib problem. Once thatis done and the installer is rebuilt,
we should be ready to roll.

- Some of yiall have been asking about a demo. Lucky for you, so has Gathering.
Weire helping them put one together now. I havenit had a chance to talk to any Oni
folk this week so I have no idea when it will come out. (Nor do I know if there will be
a PS2 demo &Mac220; thatis Rockstaris decision.) But the important question finally has an
answer: Yes, Virginia, there will be an Oni demo.

See you in the forums. :)

A demo IS in the works and the Mac version will soon hit Golden Master. Joy!

Oni is expected to hit store shelves for the end of January 2001. This seems to be a trend with Bungie, as most of their titles just miss the Christmas rush and get released post boxing day. So save up your allowance and Christmas cash, kiddies! Itis going to be a long new year....