Online Apple Store: Now Serving Customer # 1,000,001

Apple has announced that the online Apple Store, Appleis Web based ordering site, had served its millionth customer this week, a significant milestone for the company. Apple qualifies this figure to be the millionth unique customer. Unique users are significantly more important than a general customer or order number because, as its name implies, it doesnit include repeat customers.

The company didnit say if the millionth customer got a free hat to commemorate the occasion, but itis likely there was a mild celebration somewhere at 1 Infinite Loop. From Apple:

Apple® today announced that its award-winning online store had its millionth unique customer this week. The Apple Store® makes it incredibly easy to customize and purchase a Mac and related software and accessories 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Featuring extensive build-to-order capabilities and easy 1-Click shopping, the Apple Store currently operates in 20 countries and eight languages, and offers Appleis entire product line of hardware and software plus third-party software and solutions.

"Reaching our one millionth customer is a major milestone, and is proof positive that our online shopping experience is second to none," said Tim Cook, Appleis executive vice president of Worldwide Sales and Operations. "The Apple Store is a popular way for a growing number of consumers and businesses to buy Apple products, and with extensive build-to-order capabilities, easy 1-Click shopping and free shipping on orders, itis never been easier to buy a Mac online."

You can find more information on the Apple Store at Appleis Web site.