Online Art Training Course Created By Mac User Now Free

Our own Eolake Stobblehouse has announced that the art training course WhatMeArtist is now available for free. WhatMeArtist contains a pretty unusual course, in that it is not intended to teach technique like most courses, but instead the underlying principles of creativity in general, whether for painters, photographers, writers, musicians...

How well it does that is of course not easy to judge, but one thing is for sure: it is not too expensive. The course was previously priced at US$20, and it is now free. It would appear that the authors have found, like so many others, that without micro-payments on the web and good screens for reading, it is near impossible to make decent money off electronically delivered text. And so they have gone the philanthropic way and made it free.

And by the way, they have some rather interesting tiling screen art, and an iMac startup screen, at their art page.