Online Film Processing Made Better

Users of APS(Advanced Photographic System) film now have a new option for processing and developing. Club Photo is the first company to offer complete online services for APS film users. According to the company:

Now photographers who prefer the convenience and flexibility of APS can combine its advanced formatting features with the simplicity of Club Photois leading online sharing and print ordering process. With the inclusion of APS film processing, Club Photo has continued its leadership in integrated Internet sharing and prints ordering for both digital and film based photographers.

APS cameras are unique because they enable photographers to choose between classic, wide-angle and panoramic formats for each picture at the time of capture. Club Photo is the first APS-friendly service that maintains the integrity of the original picture and format from capture all the way through to sharing and ordering. Once published into the useris personal site, Club Photo also allows users to not only preview the photos in the original format, but also enables them to alter the size and format of each image, in real time, prior to ordering prints or sharing them in a personal photo album.

Club Photois processing service is available for US$1 per roll. You can order mailers and find more information at Club Photois web site.