Online Game, NetFungus, Updated

IMROM has updated their multi-player online game, NetFungus, to version 1.0.3. NetFungus is a type of online board game that allows head-to-head play. The new version allows users to register for a unique identification number giving them access to NetFungus tournaments. According to IMROM:

NetFungus 1.0.3 was released by Andrew Schaaf of IMROM Software on June 28.

It features tournament support. Any NetFungus player can sign up now for a FIN (Fungal Identification Number) on IMROMis website. He or she can then enter tournaments, using the FIN and an encrypted FIN code, which verifies the FIN. The logs and results of tournament games are saved and encrypted, to prevent tampering, and are forwarded by the players to the tournament site. Only the tournament director will have the decryption program, provided by IMROM Software.

Several people plan to run tournaments, which will be announced shortly.

Also, with the new version, you can save logs (which record all the moves in a game), and later versions of NetFungus will be able to replay the logs.

NetFungus is available for free. You can find more information at the IMROM Web site.