Online Graphic Training Available

Gemini Learning Systems and IO Technologies have announced online training programs for graphical communication and arts. This partnership hopes to offer interested users complete computer training opportunities. According to Gemeni and IO:

Gemini Learning Systems Inc. ("Gemini") and IO Technologies ("IO") have announced that they will partner to deliver on-line competency-based training, testing and certification courses for the graphical communication and arts industry.

IO, who are backed by distribution partners that include Canon U.S., Heidelberg, Digital Art Exchange (DAX) and Tech Services International (TSI), have created an entire series of process-based certification training programs aimed at core processes in color imaging, printing, digital workflow and other key areas that we believe are the first of their kind in the industry.

iiWe went to the market looking for a technology partner that would ideally suit our requirements and were courted by a number of very large players,ii said Eric Kenly, President and CEO of IO. Geminiis SWIFT Technology combined with their business philosophy, won hands down. Not only does Geminiis SWIFT Technology outperform their closest competitor, their overall eLearning solution and hosting capabilities allows us to go to market much faster then we originally anticipated. We now expect to have the first modules available March 1, 2001.ii

You can find more information about eLearning and SWIFT at Geminiis Web site.