Online MacPlay Shopping Features A Six-Pack

MacPlay has opened up a new online store featuring several popular Macintosh game titles. To promote the new site, MacPlay is offering the MacPlay Six-Pack, a collection of the top MacPlay titles at a reduced price. According to MacPlay:

MacPlay, a subsidiary of United Developers, announced today that it has launched a new online store. In honor of the new store, the company has created a limited time promotion on some of its top selling games.

The promotion, appropriately titled the MacPlay Six-Pack, allows customers who purchase directly from the company’s internet store to receive a copy of Sacrifice™, Giants™, Aliens versus Predator™ Gold Edition, Majesty™, Sin™ Gold and Zork Grand Inquisitor™

The Six-Pack of software showcases some of MacPlay’s top products and provides a gaming experience that crosses all popular gaming genres, including, action, role-playing, strategy, fantasy and first-person shooter. With a wide range of titles, the MacPlay Six-Pack offers something for everyone and a gaming experience that cannot be beat.

You can find more information about the MacPlay Six-Pack and the new store at the MacPlay Web site. The MacPlay Six-Pack is available for US$99.99.