Online Music Sharing Increases Adoption Of Broadband?

Does the availability of music sharing increase the publicis adoption of broadband Internet? Earthlink, AOL and SpeakEasy think so - and thatis why these Internet providers have included music and video services with their higher-bandwidth Internet services for for consumers. According to the Mercury News:

"EarthLink really wants to move beyond connectivity to the Internet. We really want to provide the best Internet experience for our subscribers,ii said Mark Griffith, EarthLinkis senior brand manager. "When you look at digital music, we really believe that is the killer app.i

AOL may offer proof of the allure of digital music.

It has developed exclusive programming for its 3 million high-speed subscribers -- from special events such as record label legend Clive Davisi Grammy Party to the debut of a film short by Bono, lead singer of U2. It produces music video channels devoted to big name pop acts, such as Red Hot Chili Peppers or Sheryl Crow, which would be excruciating to watch via dial-up phone connection.

Despite the lackluster response to online music subscription services, Earthlink and other Internet service providers are confident that including music and video as part of the standard service will give customers additional incentive to stay with them. Additionally, the popularity of viewing media online gives ISPs the foothold they need to make the leap from service provider to entertainment company. You can read the entire article at the Mercury News Web site.