Online Order Form App Updated From LAJ

LAJ Design has released an update for Web Proofs, bringing it to version 1.3.Web Proofs is an online order form utility designed for the creation of online order forms without having to use extensive HTML. The update features performance enhancements including Euro support and bug fixes. According to LAJ Designs:

Web Proofs will create your web forms and other documents so that when users submit an order, Web Proofs will process any orders, and send you the order via email.

The Web forms will show the cost for each item, allow the user to select a quantity, show the total for the product (cost x quantity), and calculate both the sales tax and the total cost for the order. Web Proofs will then create the server side code (asp, php, or PayPal) required to process the order (it then sends an email detailing the order).

Features added in version 1.3:

  • Option to make a Web album of all the images
  • Greater support and options on the individual image pages
  • Greater support for the ASP and PHP processing options
  • Individual shipping for each product option
  • Cleaned up the billing and shipping options
  • Visa option was missing in ASP email is now fixed
  • Added option to add cost and shipping info to all
  • Added a discover option for billing and a comments field
  • All pages are w3 compliant
  • Added option to protect images on html pages
  • Added support for Euro
  • All individual pages are now created in the pages folder

You can find more information about the Web Proofs update at the LAJ Design Web site. Web Proofs 1.3 is available for US$55.00.