Online Order Form Updated From LAJ

LAJ Design has released an update for Web Proofs, bringing it to version 1.6. Web Proofs is an online order form utility designed for the creation of online order forms without having to use extensive HTML. The update features performance enhancements including ECHO credit card processing and intrasite searching. According to LAJ Designs:

LAJ Design today announced the release and immediate availability of Web Proofs version 1.6.

Web Proofs is cross-platform application that creates online Web-based stores allowing photographers or small businesses to put their products online easily.

New or Changes:

  • Added Tax exemption code (you can now pick who owes tax by where they live)
  • Added ECHO credit card processing method (requires SSL and ECHO account
  • Added beta support for VeriSign credit card processing using the Payflow Pro (requires SSL and VeriSign account)
  • Added beta support for using the ADC (requires SSL and account)
  • Added Intrasite search option (it builds search pages for eSites)
  • Fixed various minor bugs

You can find more information about the Web Proofs update at the LAJ Design Web site. Web Proofs 1.6 is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$75.00.