Ooops! Education Pricing For G5 Finds Its Way On Apple Store's Main Page

Someone is likely saying "Oops!" at Apple. TMO forum member Mav noticed a new advert at Appleis online Apple Store that boasts prices for Appleis Power Mac G5 line that are US$200 and US$300 cheaper than current prices.

The image occupies the main banner spot at the Apple Store, and is one of several that rotate out if you reload the Web page. The image shows the Power Mac G5, with the three different configurations.

Single 1.6GHz
Now just $1599

New Dual 1.8GHz
From $2299

Dual 2.0GHz
From $2699

We took a screen shot for posterity:

A screen shot
(Click the image for a larger version)

Clicking through on that link, however, takes you to the Power Mac G5 section of the Apple Store, where the correct prices of US$1799, US$2499, and US$2999 are being offered.

Appleis corporate headquarters are closed this week, but we called the Apple Store to see what was up. According to the person we spoke to, the prices in the image are education prices (which is correct), and that the image in question shouldnit be in the rotation on the main page of the Apple Store.

In other words, there is no price drop on Power Mac G5s, and it does not seem likely that such a price drop is eminent. The mix up is simply a mix up with the Apple Store for Education, and not a price drop advert that was posted early.

Thanks to the eagle eyes of Mav for pointing this out.