OpenGL Gets An Update

CNet News is reporting that the Open GL Architecture Review Board has published a new set of specifications for OpenGL that will significantly enhance graphics created with the technology. The Review Board oversees the specification that define the Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for OpenGL, a 3D technology supported by Apple in Mac OS X that is used in both games and some 3D software titles. From CNet:

The organization behind the OpenGL graphics software released specifications Thursday for a major update designed to add some razzle-dazzle to computer games.

Specifications for version 2.0 of OpenGL are available for download now from the Open GL Architecture Review Board, the industry body that oversees the open graphics standard.


Enhancements in the new version of OpenGL include the addition of programmable shading functions that allow artists to add sophisticated lighting effects to their creations, an area of increasing emphasis for graphics chipmakers.

There is more information in the full article at CNet News.