OpenOSX Announces X11 Compatibility With Entire Product Line

OpenOSX has announced full product compatibility with the recently released X11 from Macworld. X11 is a windowing environment for UNIX OSis now able to run side by side with native Mac OS X applications. The entire product line offered by OpenOSX including OpenOSX Gimp and Grass now feature X11 compliance. According to OpenOSX:

OpenOSX today announced complete product compatibility with Appleis new X11 application; bringing full Quartz graphic acceleration to the OpenOSX Product line. The OpenOSX products that utilize X-Windows, the "UNIX" standard graphical environment, will benefit from Appleis X11 application directly.

The OpenOSX products that utilize X-Windows are: OpenOSX Gimp, OpenOSX Grass GIS, OpenOSX Office and the just released OpenOSX FilmGimp. These products will benefit in dramatic performance and
aesthetic improvements when using Appleis X11 application in place of OroborOSX and/or XDarwin. OpenOSXis product line is designed to not overwrite an existing version of X11, including Appleis, Tenonis or OpenOSXis.

You can find more information about the product compatibility at the OpenOSX Web site.