OpenOSX Updates Grass GIS System

OpenOSX released an update on Tuesday to their Geographic Resources Analysis Support System (GRASS) application, Grass version 6.2.1. The new version supports reading files in the MrSid format, a new launch mechanism, and an improved Quick Start tutorial. A complete list of the changes is available at their Website.

The free, stand alone application was updated to include the latest stable version of GRASS and supporting software as well as the flagship GrassPro product.

"GRASS is likely the most powerful open source GIS in the world," Jeshua Lacock told TMO. "GRASS is akin to geo-spatial data what Adobe(R) Photoshop(R) is to photo data. GRASS currently supports more than 80 common GIS file formats and is a complete "operating system" for importation, orth-rectification, projection, manipulation, analyses and exportation of spatial information."

"By the size of its code base, GRASS GIS is one of the 10 largest open source projects in history, and OpenOSX has it bundled with almost every option enabled, in a single Mac OS X standalone application, that is available for free and immediate download," according to Mr. Lacock.

OpenOSX bundles several additional packages with the Pro version including MapServer. MapServer is a complete, standalone application that is often used for readily publishing dynamic, navigatable maps over the Internet, directly from dozens of popular geo-spatial file formats.

More information is available on OpenOSXis Grass page.

Grass for Mac OS X is free and requires Mac OS X 10.4 and Apple X11. GrassPro is priced at US$50 for the downloadable version or US$60 for the CD.

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