OpenSource Cocoa Usenet Newsreader Available

Christopher Wolf of Wolfware has released a new OpenSource Usenet newsreader for OS X, Newsflash. Newsflash is written using OS Xis Cocoa programming framework and contains many of the same features as more mature Usnet programs. According to Wolfware:

Newsflash 4.0 is an easy to use Usenet news-reader with a modern Aqua interface. True reference-based message threading makes it easy to follow the flow of a conversation and an advanced multi-threaded design ensures maximum responsiveness even when performing multiple simultaneous operations.

The Newsflash project is an OpenSource effort to create an easy to use but powerful native MacOS X Usenet newsreader. Newsflash features a gorgeous non-blocking Aqua GUI married to an architecture which supports multiple NNTP news servers, multiple concurrent operations and true (by reference) article threading. We hope to add MIME and binary support and advanced filtering and searching features.

Newsflash is developed in 100% native Objective-C using MacOS Xis advanced COCOA object oriented environment. Newsflash originated as a freeware project developed by Christopher Wolf (Wolfware). In order to expedite development and deliver a higher quality product to the MacOS X community Chris has released the Newsflash sources under the BSD license as an an OpenSource project at Sourceforge.

You can find more information about Newsflash at the Wolfware, or Sourceforge, Web sites.