Open Door Networks Returns to the Mac with Firewall App DoorStop X

Open Door Networks Inc. on Monday released a free public Beta of DoorStop X, an update to the firewall software the company first released on the platform in 1998. While Tiger, as well as previous versions of Mac OS X, includes a built-in firewall, DoorStop fills in such missing features as logging access attempts, default settings for services not configured by the user and the ability to deny access from specific computers, Internet IP address ranges, or an entire local area network.

This Beta release expires on July 15; Open Door expects to ship the final release before then. No pricing was announced. Mac OS X v10.3 or v10.4 is required.

DoorStop X was designed to integrate with Whois There? Firewall Advisor, version 1.5 of which Open Door also made available on Monday. The application helps users analyze and investigate access attempts detected by a firewall, and this update brings compatibility with DoorStop X as well as Tiger. Itis a free upgrade for all owners of version 1.2 or later; the full version is US$39. Mac OS X v10.2.8 or higher is required.