Open IPTC Files With "Normal" Apps

J2S has announced the release of IPTC Expander. It is an application designed to extract the object encapsulated in an IPTC file so that it can then be opened by a standard application (the format is the standard used in the press industry sector for exchanging information). According to J2S:

IPTC Expander can also be asked to insert the textual information extracted from the IPTC fields into the data stream of the graphic file so that it can be seen in Photoshop for example. As yet, this option can only be used with IPTC documents containing a JPEG file.

The application requires MacOS 8.5 minimum with QuickTime.

IPTC Expander is available for approximatively US$100 (original price is 100 Euros) and you can find more information about it at J2Si site.