Open Source GIS Program Comes To OS X has released a new Geographic Information Systems (GIS) application for Mac OS X, GRASS 5.0b11. GRASS (Geographic Resources Analysis Support System) is a full featured Open Source GIS program, and the GRASS 5.0 installer automatically configures an X-Widow Server on OS X, or installs the command line version, bringing yet another wonderful Open Source title to Mac OS X. According to (TM) releases GRASS 5.0 beta 11 GIS for Mac OS X CD.

By simply double-clicking on the package, the state-of-the-art, open-source GRASS (Geographic Resources Analysis Support System), a complete GIS (geographic information system) will be installed in minutes. The CD installs and configures GRASS GIS with all of the programs and libraries required to run the graphical-user-interface within Mac OS Xis Aqua interface (XFree86 4.0.3, XAqua 0.5, Tcl/Tk libraries and applications, wish 8.0 and GRASS 5.0 beta 11), optionally GRASS GIS with a command-line interface.

The installation program also installs complete documentation (in both PDF and HTML formats), tutorials with sample data, and a mirror of the official GRASS web site. The only other complete competing GIS on the market fully-configured can cost more than US$20,000 and does not run on Macintoshes.

The CD comes with limited-technical support to help get a system up and running should the user experience any difficulty installing GRASS GIS. SierraMaps will no longer offer free tech support for installation of GRASS 5.0 for Mac OS X that we ported, because this CD prevents those questions.

GRASS 5.0b11 is available for US$25. You can find more information, including some of the programis features, at the Web site.