Open Source Initiative's Eric Raymond Says Apple Too Restrictive

Eric Raymond help set the Open Source ball rolling by co-founding the Open Source Initiative, and he had some things to say about Appleis Open Source Darwin endeavors. In a recent article at ZDNet titled Raymond: Mac OS X too restrictive, Mr. Raymond says that Appleis restrictions on Darwin, Appleis Open Source FreeBSD core for Mac OS X, inhibits software development. Mr. Ramond said:

"I donit see a lot of point in putting development effort into it," Raymond said in a recent interview. "I can work with a system thatis completely open, so why should I work with Appleis restrictions?"

Mr. Raymond does note that development for other UNIX/Linux wonit necessarily leave OS X out. HFrom the article:

"Thereis enough API (application programming interface) compatibility between BSD and Linux that I can be pretty confident that anything I write under Linux can be pretty trivially ported over to OS X," Raymond said.

You can read more in the full article.