Opera 7.50 Ships With New Browsing Experience

Opera Software has released an update for Opera, bringing it to version 7.50. Opera is an Internet browser designed for interfacing a user with the world of the Internet. The update features an updated customizable interface and the addition of Opera Mail, a built-in email client. According to Opera Software:

Opera Software today released 7.50 for Windows, Mac, Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris.

Opera 7.50 offers users hungry for a better Internet experience the latest advancements in Internet technologies, with the same engineering excellence and inventiveness that made its browser rendering so famous, now also offers a top-notch e-mailer, newsreader, IRC-compatible chat client, contact database, support for RSSnewsfeeds and much, much more. Still, with all the features, Opera remains the fastest, best coded, small browsing application in the world, weighing in at 3.5 MB.

Operais whole user interface has been revamped for 7.50. Along with fast, customizable browsing, users get complete integration of all their favorite Internet activities easily accessible from a new panel selector. Apart from Operais unique browsing experience, users can enjoy Opera Mail, the built-in e-mail client, offering intelligent e-mailing with support for fast content search, a contact database, a newsreader, automatic filtering, and now features a spellchecker and RSS newsfeeds. Operais debuting chat client is IRC-compatible and supports both private and group chats.

You can find more information about the Opera update at the Opera Software Web site. Opera 7.50 is available for US$39.00.