Optometrist Has Eyes Only For Macintosh

When Mark Botwin decided to launch his optometry practice in Santa Fe, New Mexico, he put his life long love for Macs into practice. The story was posted at Appleis Hot News site on Wednesday.

Historically, there has been a dearth of software of optometrists. But thatis been changing. From the time patients come into his shop, all they see is Macs. "At the front desk, receptionists enter patient information into KIP Deluxe practice management software," David levy wrote for the Small Business focus article. "In the pre-testing room, traditional eye charts are replaced by a wall-mounted iMac screen running 20/20 Vision by Canela Software... In the exam rooms, Botwin scrutinizes eyes with his Carl Zeiss microscopes ? and relies on his Macs to capture exactly what he?s seeing, with a click."

Mr. Botwin was pleased with Appleis transition to Intel. "And, now that Mac runs on Intel processors,? Mr. Botwin said, "we?ve finally been able to rid ourselves of the one virus-riddled PC we?d been using to run QuickBooks. My wife, who?s also the office manager, is overjoyed about that."

?Whenever I want to document anything I?m seeing, Mr. Botwin continued, "I just touch my wireless mouse. And presto, I have an image on my iMac that I can show the patient and keep in their record."

Mr. Bowtin reiterated that, while he has been a lifelong Mac devotee, the use of Macs in his practice were based on sound business principles. He has over 20,000 active patients to show for it.