Oracle Announces New Oracle9i Developer Release For Jaguar

Apple got a big boost in the enterprise market today as Oracle released a new developer release for Oracle9i, its enterprise level database solution. The new release is designed to work with Mac OS X Server, and Oracle is pushing Xserve as the preferred hardware. From Oracleis press release:

Oracle today announced the immediate availability of the Oracle9i Database Release 2 Developers Release on Mac OS X version 10.2 "Jaguar," Appleis UNIX-based operating system, as part of an early access program for the Oracle and Apple developer community. The software download is immediately available free-of-charge to all registered Oracle Technology Network members. With this release, Apple developers can build applications that leverage Oracleis leading database technology running on Xserve, Appleis powerful new rack-mount server.

Oracleis latest installment, Oracle9i Database Release 2, offers new high availability, business intelligence and XML features, as well as numerous performance and manageability improvements.

You can find more information on this release at Oracleis Web site.

Richard Burton assisted with this article.