Updates Studiometry With Reporting Features Software has released an update for Studiometry, bringing it to version 1.1. Studiometry is a utility designed for client and project management. The update adds reporting features and custom templates. According to Software: Software, a graphics design/software company, releases a huge update to the best organizational tool for freelancers: Studiometry.

Studiometry is the best tool on the Macintosh platform for Freelance designers, Consultants, Tech Support Personnel, as well as small design firms. Studiometry keeps everything in one convenient location: Client data, Project data, Project files, To Dois, Debts, Invoices, Notes, and more.

Studiometry 1.1 adds fully integrated report features, to keep track of contracts, estimates, progress reports, tech reports, or any other type of paperwork. Completely customizable templates are used to produce powerful, and flexible reports.

You can find more information about the Studiometry update at the Software Web site. Studiometry is available for US$54.99.